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Givhatol Cattery is a member of

CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association FIFE - Fédération Internationale Féline

I, Michael Diamant, have been raising beautiful, healthy, lovable, large Ragdoll cats for over 12 years.
Miki Diamant
Givhatol is the largest Ragdoll cattery in Europe.

Breading the world famous Lonerock, Ragnarok, Dollhouse and Ragmeister lines.

After spending time and efforts learning the art of breeding I have achieved beautiful, award wining kittens which were born in the Givhatol cattery, with a specialty in beautiful deep blue eyes.

Having Colorpoint, mitted and bicolor patterns in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac.

I sell Ragdoll cats and kittens for breeding and/or showing.

I also offer shipment of my cats and kittens to any international destination.

The Cattery is FIFE & CFA registered and the cat's pedigrees are from the Austrian cat breeding association - OVEK.

Our cats are DNA tested and certified by Animal DNA Laboratory from Victoria, Australia.

Please enjoy the Ragdoll pictures and information on this site.